In October 2014, we started a working holiday in Canada that was meant to last a year. We ended up back home in New Zealand after three months. Here’s our story of why Canada wasn’t the place for us.

Ever since visiting the United States for the first time together in 2011, we had wanted to return to live and work there. The country just resonated with us – we loved the affordable lifestyle (yes, it does depend where you live, but in general compared to New Zealand, it’s cheap!), the vibrant cities, and the incredible variety of landscapes. For us, coming from little old New Zealand, the US seemed like a land of opportunity – and we’re sure it is for many people.

Manhattan skyline

Manhattan skyline

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for New Zealanders to live and work there. In many other countries like Canada, the UK, parts of Europe and South America, Kiwis under about 30 can quite easily get working holiday visas, which allow us to live in said country and work for a year or two. But for some reason (I’m looking at you, US Government) there’s no such thing available for young New Zealanders in the States. The irony is, young Americans can live and work in New Zealand for a year under a working holiday scheme! Totally unfair.



我们度过了一个美妙6个月周游美国东部,爱上了纽约市(188金宝搏什么we would give to live there…) and generally had a lot of fun. When our tourist visa ran out, we headed to Vancouver, British Columbia via the beaches of Mexico (have to love those cheap flights from the East Coast!).


NYC from the air

进入加拿大工作假期签证的新西兰是一个非常简单的过程(中详细介绍here). However, finding decent work on a working holiday visa isn’t so easy, and this, among other things, was what led to us quitting Canada.

Finding work

Under the working holiday visa, you can apply for any job you want, which is awesome. You can work at a ski resort, in a café, in an office, build houses, or whatever takes your fancy. What is not so awesome is that many employers, especially those advertising for more qualified or experienced people, may not want to hire people that are only going to be around for a year. Unlike Australians, who can renew their visa as many times as they like until they’re 30, New Zealanders only have that single year.

A further issue for us was that we had decided to visit New Zealand for a friend’s wedding three months after arriving in Vancouver, so we could hardly apply for long term jobs and then ask for a month off after such a short time working!




Shaun, a qualified builder in New Zealand, found it pretty easy to get work, but the wages in Vancouver were about a third lower than what he was paid in New Zealand. This was primarily because he isn’t a so-called ‘Journeyman’ who has Canadian qualifications, hence the limitation on earning potential in that industry.




温哥华是世界上最昂贵的城市生活中,我们知道,在此之前,我们决定住在这里的一个,所以我们并不感到震惊 - 我们居然发现它更便宜的住在比我们家奥克兰市!然而,工资就是不与生活成本相匹配。最低工资坐镇约$ 10.50,当你每星期需要支付数百美元的租金和食物,被漂亮的伸展!我们在低薪工作岗位工作比我们在家里,但每周我们的开支是相当类似的,所以我们就没有节约的那种,我们本来希望为未来的路费(和我们即将举行婚礼!)。188金宝搏



You can’t travel much while working full-time, and Canada is a bloody big place

We had figured that living in Canada would present this awesome opportunity to do heaps of travel in an exciting new country as well as visit the US. But we were quite wrong. It seems really stupid to say this, but seeing as we had full time jobs in Vancouver, we couldn’t do a lot of travel outside the city (especially given our limited earnings). So it didn’t feel much different to living at home, except that we were living in a new city (which was cool and not to be forgotten! Vancouver is a very nice place to live).

And one other really dumb thing that we never really thought about was that Canada is如此血腥巨大。如果你只有在这远离城市的周末,这是相当难以在加拿大取得任何进展!We would only want to drive a couple of hours after work on a Friday, and from Vancouver there aren’t many places within only a few hours’ drive – Whistler, Vancouver Island, and into the top of the US are really the only viable options (and we are gutted we didn’t make it to the Island). Before arriving in Canada, we envisaged camping weekends in the Rockies, wine tasting in the Okanagan, etc. etc. However, we found this just too hard in the short time we had off work. And aside from that, it was autumn and heading into winter when we were there – so the weather wasn’t on our side.




是的,它确实做到了。而且很显然,我们完全到达一年的时间不对的天气!十月到十二月是一年中降雨最多的月份,我们肯定看到了一大堆的那个。It’s a shame, because Vancouver is a really great city, and I imagine that it would be an absolutely fantastic place to be in the summer – all the parks, beaches, hiking and mountain biking trails close by… But we just didn’t see it. At one point, it rained for two weeks solid. With no breaks. Serious! In the end, we just couldn’t deal with it. I think if we had arrived in the summer, our outlook on the place would’ve been much different.



We earn more, and therefore can afford to do things we couldn’t do in Canada. Of course it’s not all about the money, but sometimes it makes a big difference. One of the major things for us living overseas was that we wanted to experience life overseas – going out for drinks, dinner, shows, and so on. We just couldn’t afford to. So we made the big decision to stay in New Zealand and call it quits on Canada. Yes, it sucks that it didn’t work out there, as much as we wanted it to. But we think we have made the right decision for us at this point in our lives.

Sailing in the Bay of Islands

Sailing in the Bay of Islands

We’re loving being back home. We’re always going to be travellers, and living in New Zealand isn’t going to change that. It’s a little further away and more expensive to get to other countries, but it’s not impossible! We are also lucky to have quickly found jobs since we have been back – I’ve restarted my Climate Scientist position at the company I used to work for, and Shaun has landed a great job as a manager for a construction company.

We really liked Canada, as much as this post may not seem like it. The people we met were amazing, and there were many, many great things about being there. It just wasn’t the right place for us to live at that time. We look forward to returning to Canada one day purely for travel – we’ve left a lot to explore!

Have you ever moved to a country and left soon afterwards? Where was it, and why did you leave?




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  1. 伟大的职位!A couple of my best friends recently quit Vancouver after only 7 months for similar reasons. I visited them for two weeks and probably did more travel on that trip than they managed to with jobs the entire 7 months. Love your blog, you have a new follower in me!

    • Petra

      Thanks so much Sarah! It’s comforting to know that others have had a similar experience to us – we feel a bit bad leaving Canada but in the end it just was the right thing to do. Glad to have you as a new follower!

      • 小姐小车多莉


        Also, do get the right visa honey. WHV does not give you the same work entitlement and privileges as expats have been over the years.


        Please note that Vancouver, B.C is economically competitive and geographically its located within the West Coast hemisphere. Sometimes it’ll rain for weeks due to our semi tropical semi coastal climate and temperatures. Sometimes it stays warm and sunny as California would.

        的$ 10- $ 13最低工资是由企业和行业普遍对非熟练的专业或奇散工,报酬这迎合了高中生,初学者和应届毕业生。这不是如何新西兰和澳大利亚的经济和财政监管和形状。在北美,我们在财政控制和香槟社会主义者和铁拳资本家扯掉工人阶级和外籍员工组织。但话又说回来,这是西太平洋和我们的政策制定者的经济模式设定一直是并将继续是帝国主义的混蛋。

        熟练的专业人员在CA和美国支付嗨gher than most inexperienced candidates. Canada’s average minimum wage for semi skilled to skilled professionals are between $22 to $30 an hour depending on the labor market indicators. U.S foreign employees are paid depending on their skill and experience, as they are assessed by employers.

        我在CA的第一份工作在萨里,不列颠哥伦比亚浆果农场是一个丰收的主管(农业劳动者)GURL我支付了$ 13中的小时,得开车30-40分钟,每天8小时工作制,每周6天。但不像你,我只有大专证书,我是在航空业,以便于在配偶签证在到达CA我不得不等待了一年重新进入航空公司。很难为其他人。但是,这就是生活。


  2. 爱你的诚实的家伙!这是一个梦幻般的提醒,如果你不快乐,你所要做的就是做出改变的决定!无论短切你的时间在加拿大,它仍然听起来你做大量的和做的最好的你的时间在那里。我发现它有趣我对家的看法,因为我游如何变化。188金宝搏我一直在亚洲公路六个月在现在,绝对对我们NZ的美丽小国一个新发现的赞赏。我还没有准备好尚未迁回,但欣慰的是,有一天我一定会的。它是家庭,毕竟!

    • Petra

      由于克里斯蒂!是的,这是我们不可忽视 - 我们不快乐所以有在继续同一条道路上是没有意义的!这很有趣,你如何找到家欣赏,当你离开,这使得它更特别的是来自一个国家如新西兰,我认为!

  3. 美国与澳大利亚的相互签证协议。吸不存在与新西兰相同。我已经在墨尔本现在约4个月的工作假期签证和我有同样的感觉。真正找工作,真的吸。我有一个2.5周。现在,我只是想在网上找到更多的写作的东西,所以我不会那么依赖于位置。

    • Petra


  4. Hi Petra,

    Have you guys thought about doing the online bit?

    The world is mine – and my wife Kelli’s – office We’re from New Jersey so we’ve been to NYC about 200 times lol….and love it. Right now we’re in Bali for 4 months, doing a house sit. Offline work in various lands rocks but once you build up a few online income streams you’re tied down to nowhere. We’ve been digital nomads for about 46 months now and am enjoying the lifestyle more each day.

    Ideas: freelance writing, freelance coaching (based on your talents/aptitudes), web design, or any other skill you choose to teach yourself. You can also add sponsored post and advertising streams to your blog as you generate more chedda through the prior income streams.

    All the best, and keep on inspiring guys!


    • Petra

      感谢您的评论瑞恩!你的情况听起来很不错。这件事情,我们可能会在今后的工作 - 它似乎是一个理想的生活方式真的。但在我们的生活这一点上,新西兰是那里的AT,以及我们与它很高兴!

  5. 作为Aucklander,居住在伦敦,谁最近访问了温哥华,我得说我在温哥华多么昂贵感到惊讶。我预计,移动到伦敦,但加拿大我想会更合理。


    • Petra

      Hi Colette, I totally agree – Vancouver is seriously expensive. I can’t believe you thought it was expensive coming from London! Auckland is easy to miss, right? We really have it all here

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  7. 在它真正的意思鼓舞人心的阅读是一个外籍人士。住在多伦多我的理解是多么昂贵都可以,即使是本地很难完成甚至是硕士课程后,找到稳定的工作。我希望你只是在你未来的旅行是最好的,我只希望我们的避风港;吨把你加拿大都关掉为好!188金宝搏

    • Petra

      Thanks Andrea! We definitely haven’t been turned off Canada for good, we’d love to visit again some day and just travel around the country. That’s crazy that locals have a hard time finding work too, not just travellers!

  8. 斯科特


    这是许多受过教育的加拿大人可悲的现实,以及 - 不必采取2个或3的最低工资的工作,为了生存。是的,加拿大大,天气很烂,和专职工作留下很少的时间进行勘探。我们制造种种障碍,使专业的就业困难。作为一个加拿大人,我惊呆了一些加拿大城市始终排名在世界上“最好的”活到 - 我很喜欢生活在第三世界国家,包括拉美13年的限制的更高的标准。幸运多伦多并不在您的旅行。188金宝搏


    我很高兴你也有机会看到一些加拿大 - 在你即将举行婚礼伟大的图片和祝贺!

    • Petra

      感谢斯科特!这是疯狂 - 不能相信它是如此难以加拿大人找工作了。我敢肯定,很多这样的加拿大城市的(和其他人在“最佳现场”列表)是太棒了,但也许在(夏季)今年只有特定的时间和人们可以快乐地承受住那里!新西兰这样的小国,所以它并不奇怪,我们错过了这些签证 - 至少我们仍然有很多在世界其他地区工作假期的机会!

  9. When I was under 30 I thought about doing something similar. I loved Canada, but just don’t think I could handle the cold weather! And yes, I know why you would want to live in NYC!!!!

    • Petra

      You’re right, that weather is so hard to deal with! Thank goodness we were in Vancouver, not further inland where it gets so much colder! NYC is so great, we can’t get enough of that city!

  10. I’d love to live in NYC for a year or two too but not willing to take the risk/make the sacrifices to do so.

    Haven’t been to Vancouver or any of the PNW (on the bucket list!) but we both adore Toronto. However, I know I wouldn’t survive a Canadian winter.

    • Petra

      Vancouver and the PNW is lovely (what we saw of it) but we prefer to travel there rather than live! Couldn’t handle the rain! We haven’t been to Toronto but have heard good things – we’ll definitely have to visit one day!

  11. JUB

    Interesting! Looks like this isn’t which makes me feel better too. I was in Vancouver for 6 months before calling it quits. Was working at FedEx (via temp agency) for 30 hours a week, $13/hour.

    Was there from May – November, so the summer was awesome. Domestic flights aren’t cheap in Canada either, and going via US isn’t always practical right!

    • Petra


  12. 丽娜

    This was a great post.

    I’m currently on a working holiday in Toronto heading back to London tomorrow, lasting about a month and a half in Canada before traveling a bit of the states and now heading home.




    • Petra

      伤心地听到你的工作假期没有工作了丽娜。但它是很好的了解你的感受一样的,尽管我们在加拿大的不同部分是 - 我们已经不知道,如果我们不给其他城市一展身手太快放弃!

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  14. Hi Petra,
    我刚发现你的博客通过NZBloggers FB页面,发现这篇文章的超级有趣。我(现在的老公),我也做了温哥华的事情,早在2011年我们住在凡3个月,我们kiiiind的戒也前 - 除了没有搬家到新西兰,我们上升到惠斯勒。Similar situation to yours, we couldn’t get professional jobs (the Canadians just DON’T GET the working holiday visa thing like the Brits do!) – I ended up working in retail, Jase ended up working in a bike hire store (I’m qualified in PR & Marketing and had 8 years experience, Jase is a Chartered Accountant). We loved Vancouver – and we could have gotten by on the poor wages, but at the end of the day it was kind of similar to NZ for us! We decided that if we were going to do the year out thing, we needed to REALLY change life up – so we bought a van, moved to Whistler and got jobs on the mountain. In a seasonal town they rely on foreign workers, so we found jobs really easily. Jase made a killing as a bartender in tips, I was able to transfer with the company I was working for in Van and I worked night shifts – which meant we spent our days snowboarding or doing yoga, and then working in the evenings. It was AWESOME. We actually managed to save up enough money to take our clapped out van for a few roadtrips too. At the end of a year we were ready to move on though – both of us were a bit sick of not being taken seriously/ professionally and we were ready to be “adults” again. We are so glad we did it though…although moving from the never-never-land of Whistler on to London was a harsh way to come crashing back down again.

    Good on you guys for realising what was important to you and changing things up. Life is too short to be miserable, and I hear you on the rain. I bought a really expensive raincoat in Vancouver – it’s bloody gorgeous and I have worn it tonnes for the 4 years since. But the fact is – I was absolutely broke and yet I was desperate for some shelter. Ugh, that RAIN!


    • Petra

      Glad you found our blog Leah! It’s so interesting to read about your time in Canada. We were tempted to move to Whistler too but circumstances meant that it wouldn’t have been the right move for us. Sounds like you had an amazing time there, we sure loved the week that we spent there skiing over Christmas. Oh gosh, that rain! Worst of my life… Happy travels in Albania, sounds like you’re living the dream

  15. 阿利森

    伟大的博客和一些我非常相关的to right now. I am a Canadian living in Bristol, England for a working holiday. I’ve been here about a month but I’ve already bought my ticket home for September. I like it here but things are not working out exactly as I thought they would! I imagined feeling so excited about travelling and seeing new things and while this is still sometimes the case, I can’t afford to do much of it. I start a (slightly above) minimum wage job on Tuesday and I’m hoping that’ll be enough to keep me going until I head on home. Unfortunately, working such a low-end job means I can’t travel around as much as I wanted and essentially, I’m living the same life as I was back home, just in a different place and all alone. I intend to keep travelling though and hopefully you will, too!!

    • Petra

      感谢您的评论艾丽森。我很遗憾听到你在英国的经验,这听起来很像我们的加拿大经验。它只是似乎有点毫无意义的生活,从朋友和家人海外的路程,如果你没有真正赚到足够的旅行,不是吗?188金宝搏我完全弄哪里你来自哪里。希望你会得到去看了一下你回家之前,或许改天回到刚环游世界,没有工作!188金宝搏这是我们的目标之一 - 我们喜欢加拿大,但只是不适合在那里工作

  16. 作为一个经常出差到温哥华,我非常熟188金宝搏悉你的困境!当阳光普照,温哥华是真棒,这只是不幸的是,这是远远之间很少。您也做出了巨大的点扩散出来的一切是怎么回事。这是很难采取快速周末之旅没有专门为通勤的那段时间2 /三分之二。我爱加拿大虽然与温哥华和多伦多是一些我最喜欢的地方。只可惜这一切花费这么混账的多!

    • Petra

      完全同意,凯里。雨是这么郁闷!加拿大是一个伟大的国家,我们希望有一天能回到纯粹的旅行 - 我们很乐意做贯穿了整个国家大规模的客场之旅!188金宝搏

  17. 我从其他的海岸是,它会一直为你更容易前往围绕滨海一些伟大的地方上周末s,则探索巨大的不列颠哥伦比亚省(这也是漂亮)。188金宝搏对不起你的经验是不是最好的,但它听起来像是你已经学到了很多东西,希望你在海外生活的下一个冒险会更好。

    I started out in Taiwan when I initially moved to Asia. Realized very quickly that teaching there meant teaching very very young kids. They were lovely, but not my idea of a job that I could like in the long term. Moved on withing 6 months, and 15 years later, I am still in Asia

  18. Hello,



  19. 我完全明白的地方你来自哪里,我住在加拿大。这是一个巨大的国家,这么多的看到,并且是接近美国甚至更多看到!不幸的是大多数人(包括我自己)没有得到很多的假期,使旅行非常辛苦。188金宝搏这不是一个很大的系统,虽然我很伤心,你不得不削减你在加拿大很短的时间,我并不感到惊讶听到它。我希望你能回来看看他美丽的祖国的休息!

    • Petra


  20. Hi Petra and Shaun, well done to you both for trying a new life, and there is certainly no shame in deciding this wasn’t for you – it’s a braver decision to return and reintegrate into the life you’d left than to plod on in jobs and a lifestyle that was making you unhappy. And at least you’ve now gained a greater appreciation of New Zealand…sometimes there really is no place like home!



    • Petra

      Thanks for your comment Emmalene. It’s great to get reassurance that we made the right decision! Absolutely agree – New Zealand is a great country and we are proud to call it home!

  21. 看完这是一个猕猴桃自己已经申请了加拿大WHV,但似乎升技已经熄灭,但我还挺有不同意,而澳大利亚的不是很大,但生活在新西兰可以为某些东西更便宜的成本NZ支付高薪。

  22. 伟大的职位!我很高兴听到我不是唯一的一个保释工作假期!我是加拿大最近还叫它两个月后,退出在爱尔兰我的工作假期。加元是低得可怜,所以我的钱不长。乔布斯是很难找到。然后,我莫名其妙地失去了对公交出行的手提箱。我从来没有回来。于是,我放弃了,由于运气不好和我的一部分准备不足。我是如此放心回家。我确切地知道你的感受家乡的土地上是回来了! Ireland was amazing and I still had an awesome time. My experience there hasn’t dampened my desire to travel. I had a great time on a working holiday in England years ago and I’m eager to try another country. In fact, I was thinking New Zealand. Good luck in all your future travels!

    • Petra


  23. 我是加拿大,阿尔伯塔,虽然我超级郁闷你们决定离开我明白,你是从哪里来的。加拿大是一个美丽的国家,我爱它(明显),但距离使行驶到难以有趣的新位置。188金宝搏从埃德蒙顿(我们所在的城市),以碧玉的美丽山城5个小时!对于我们的距离都只是标准,但我会喜欢它,如果我们可以开车到杰士伯,班夫或者,或全景,或Okanagon在短短几个小时,然后把整个周末都有。这并不少见,我的朋友和我开车7-8小时的山的高尔夫之旅得到的地方。


    • Petra


  24. 伟大的职位!Off course I am totally biased as I find New Zealand the most beautiful country in the world and haven’t visited Canada (yet;). But other than that, it really matters where your family and friends are and what kind of lifestyle you can have in a certain country. It’s okay to work hard but you don’t live to work, you work to live!

  25. Marshall

    一个有趣的阅读!我偶然发现这篇文章上,而在和谁说话都在讨论获得签证的难度有些沮丧法国游客,并曾有过最近修改法律应该更容易。188金宝搏我能与你相反的经验。我在新西兰加拿大。我喜欢别人希望你给加拿大再出手,因为它看起来像你的住院时间,我会通知的各种原因。加拿大没有设立工作假期计划,(令我懊恼新西兰旅游做更好的方式),并像任何国家,如果你正在寻找你需要评估的时间提前学历专业工作。这可能是昂贵和费时。我不得不通过NZQA要做到这一点,否则我会一直在同一条船上,你。这个签证是不是真的专为你准备了一个完整的工作签证是更多你可能已经尝试了专业的工作。但同样,这些都是昂贵的。 Canada in the fall/winter is not for the feint of heart either and I am baffled at the number of people who look no further than Van city and Toronto. If you ever give Canada another go, feel free to drop me a line and hopefully your next experience will be a more positive one. I have loved my time in your country and would like to encourage positive experiences in mine

      • Petra


  26. Robert and Grace

    This was great for us to read. Thank you! It is very reassuring as our situation is almost the exact same. My wife grace and I have been here on a working holiday visa from england since may. We started in toronto where we lived off pretty much nothing. Then managed to scrap together for vancouver where we have been barely getting by. We feel like we are settling for a life out here that we wouldn’t settle for back home. Plus we don’tdrive so can’t get anywhere. We weren’t sure whether leaving was the right thing or if we were just staying in canada for the sake of it. Reading this has totally reassured us we are making the right decision to go home (even thought is a great country) Thanks again.

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  28. This is such an interesting read because we are Canadian’s and experienced the exact opposite! We were in new Zealand for only about five months before we had to call it quits because we couldn’t actually even find work in retail or hospo! Hopefully you give some other places in Canada a try in the future because there is a lot more work in Alberta! Interesting to see the opposite though.

    Venessa& Andy

    • Petra


  29. 葫芦科的一种

    Great post guys! My boyfriend and I spent last year working and travelling Australia and when our visas ran out in September we moved to sunny Wellington! We have to return to the UK for a wedding in August and so that will be crunch time for us to decide the next step…. We both had great jobs in our fields while in Melbourne – but finding jobs in NZ on a working holiday visa has been super difficult. My boyfriend has been contracting since we moved here and just isnt making the money we need to do all the great travelling we had planned!! Our next option was Canada but I am being drawn back to the UK where I have guarenteed friends lol…. I have heard so many great things about working in Canada, but we want to get back into ‘good’ jobs and I know now from experience how hard that is when you are on working holiday visas.

    伟大的职位 - 随时分享任何新西兰北岛的提示太

    • Petra

      由于葫芦科蔓草!它可以是超级难调用它退出 - 但我们发现这对我们来说是正确的决定。我们爱的是新西兰回来了!北岛提示:汤加里罗隧道,群岛海滩湾,科罗曼德尔海滩,科罗曼德尖塔加息(我们做到了周六!),东普/霍克斯湾的客场之旅,霍克斯湾酒庄......这么多在这里做!

  30. 遇到这篇文章在一个类似的时刻for us right now. My boyfriend and I are Canadian and have come to the UK to work and travel. I have been able to get a full time teaching job and overall had a great experience so far but his story is not so great. He’s had so many tests, exams, and courses to do to prove he is qualified (even though he has shown all necessary documents). His agent has been nothing but added problems and he has yet to start work. We have been eating through our savings and wondering when will it finally turn around, if or when to turn it in. Your comment about how huge Canada is and how you can’t go very far to ‘explore’ on the weekends is why we are here. It’s more practical to hop on a cheap flight or train over the weekend in the EU which you can’t do back home. We originally looked at going to NZ since he could get a nursing job there but it was too difficult to obtain a teaching position and we also didn’t want to do random jobs that made it difficult for you in Canada. We are hoping to get through it soon! xx

  31. Mari

    Nice to have found this post. I’m in my eight month of working holiday visa in Canada (I’m Costa Rican)…and I have found it really tough to go through with it. Still unsure that I will stay the whole year! It has been a true effort to not leave, I guess I feel like I have something to learn here. As a tropical creature I have found the weather very challenging, it is also a very expensive country. Have tried to find jobs in my career but it hasn’t happened. It has been great as a life experience and I have learn lots…but definitely it is not the place for me in the long term

  32. 我觉得生活在中国以同样的方式。我真的以为我们可以旅行了很多,但只有两天了难以脱落的188金宝搏一个星期。我们会一直呆到我们的合同结束,但我绝对不能等待离开并重新开始行驶。188金宝搏

  33. Cal

    这是伟大的,并在同一时间不好听听大家是有相似的经历对我们目前。我们是爱尔兰人,住在温哥华,我们一直在加拿大的4个月左右,我们刚刚为我们订好航班回都柏林。It really is exceptionally disappointing and I feel a little misleading that Canada is advertising itself as having so much opportunity – maybe for Canadians but at the first mention of a Visa they don’t want to know – we aren’t total idiots either, girlfriend has a degree and I have 2! Regardless, what someone said above about if you aren’t happy, change it – perfect advice to anyone no matter where they are. Also great to see people haven’t been put off visiting Canada, even though we can’t wait to get back home and get proper jobs I 100% would come back here and cannot wait to under different circumstances, there is so much to see plus the price is flights to the US is criminal (in a good way). Final words – whilst this isn’t so much travelling advice but more general – if anyone reading this hasn’t been to Vegas, go, go now, BOOK IT!

    • Petra

      Hey Cal, what a shame you had a similar experience to us in Canada. It seems to be a great place for certain people and not so for others like us! It’s great you’re keen to go back and travel there though – it certainly is a fantastic country. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  34. 这给了我很多思考...... .Looking现在在做同样的事情,但不知道我怎么能现在找到工作,将支付账单在温哥华......在美国和会这么爱留。叹。或许应该回到新西兰和工作对学生贷款代替。大诚实片和非常有益的!

    • Petra

      感谢您的评论汉娜 - 希望你早日找到解决的办法!希望它为猕猴桃工作在美国赞成更容易。祝您的旅行!188金宝搏

  35. 克莱夫·肖


    • Petra

      嗨克莱夫,现在,我们又回到奥克兰和工作全职工作,我们在周末前往的地方离家近,把我们的4周每年的年假的优势,做海外旅行。188金宝搏这是完全有可能有一个良好的工作和旅行过 - 它只是取决于你的优先权。188金宝搏

  36. 不错的博客!尽管926个调查,只有3雇主因犯操纵外籍劳工计划?随着外籍劳工计划在加拿大的放松,移民可能容易发现它可以申请加拿大工作签证。

    • Petra


  37. 克莱夫·肖

    生活在澳大利亚和新西兰我们有它too good by world standards for so long. I think your expectations are too high.How many backpackers do you guys employ in NZ? With Vancouver now over 50% asian and climbing there will be constant pressure on wagers at the bottom end to compete with the USA and Asia. Real estate will continue to climb as it has in Vancouver, Sydney Melbourne and Auckland. Vancouver real estate went up 18% last year. The $10 an hour basic wage will over time become the norm in these cities as we struggle to compete in Asia even in “crapilly paid” sales jobs.

  38. 我喜欢阅读这篇文章
    我很可能会独奏now I’m not sure how I’ll cope with their high price of living.

    • Petra

      Best of luck Sarah! It’s so much better that kiwis can now get a 2 year visa. Some friends of ours got really good engineering jobs on that visa so hopefully you’ll be fine! You could always find a room in a flat instead of living alone to cut down on the cost of living. I’d say it’s about the same as it is in Auckland (but with cheaper food) so if you live in AKL you’ll probably not find it too different

  39. scaredbutwilling

    Hi there!


    Thank you for sharing your experience!
    I hope you find new and exciting traveling opportunities

    • Petra

      Hey, don’t take our word as gospel! This is just what we experienced and many others have a different experience altogether. I encourage you to do your research but being from NZ, of course I would encourage you to visit my beautiful country!

  40. Nice blog. I’ve had similar experiences to you, except I’ve had them a few times, I’m a yank who’s done working holidays in NZ (twice), OZ(twice), and Canada(3 times).

    Out of all my experiences, there has been ONE country where I have consistently succeeded in finding GOOD JOBS (professional, good paying, comfy jobs). You guessed it, your country: NZ or Aotearoa.


    这听起来勇敢的,但我可能会再次尝试加拿大,罪恶ce americans can stay up to 2 years now. And I will most likely go home to New Zealand again, since I had good luck with jobs there before! Auckland’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Marsi

    I think you went into the whole experience with the wrong mindset. Work and travel basically consists of doing shitty jobs for shitty money and still wanting to travel a lot. I’m a German currently in NZ on a WHV and we get treated like absolute expendable shit by Kiwis when it comes to jobs (no sick pay, no guaranteed terms, minimum wage or less, etc.). It just makes sense that nationals get priority for actual well-paying jobs, and I think this applies to any other country as well.

    • Petra

      I have to disagree with you there, although I’m sorry you’re having a bad experience. I know plenty of people who have gotten great jobs in many countries under working holiday programs. It just didn’t work for us.

  42. 本杰明

    伟大的博客!你应该已经到蒙特利尔(即我来自哪里)。I don’t know though how easy you would’ve got work since most of the employers here ask employees to speak at least a little bit of french since it’s a bilingual city, but it’s a lot cheaper to live here than in Vancouver, that’s for sure! We have a great music scenes with cool bars and cool people!

    I lived in Auckland a year and a half ago for a video games company that opened a new office there(I was working already for them in Montreal) but unfortunately the headquarters in Paris decided to close the studio altogether, therefore, for a lot of different reasons, I had to come back home, sadly. Point is though : I really, really loved New Zealand. I’m currently planing to move back indefinitely(probably in Wellington, but hey, if work calls for Auckland, I’d go there again without blinking haha).

    I think it’s always cool to see the different perspectives from people. Like, for example, I know that Canada is portrayed as a country of opportunities (which can be true), but as a foreigner in New Zealand, I found that your country has a lot more benefits than ours.

    Starting by the wages : Better chances to have a higher salary, minimum wage is better, you pay way less taxes on your incomes, I’ve seen people get raised 2$ more an hour after one year(you will never see that here in general)…you’re lucky if you get like 50 cents or something. And one other thing that I’ve noticed…when an employer likes you, they will try to keep you with them instead of our North American mentality which is ”If you don’t like the job or want to leave, no problem, there’s a line behind you who would take your place”. My girlfriend worked at Jack Tar as a waitress for the time we were there and her boss was really really cool and relax, making coffee for his employees in the morning, giving them free food and drinks, etc she NEVER was that considerate by an employer here. She was pretty blown by that haha

    Holidays(as we call here vacations) : In Canada, the law states that the minimum days off an employer can give you is 10 days. In NZ? 20! It’s a HUGE difference if you have kids, want to travel or just take some damn time off haha Two weeks is nothing in a year and a lot of people struggle with that here, especially since we have harsh winters. It’s not uncommon to hear people say things like ”I’m so tired, I can’t wait for my vacations…in 2 months.” 4 weeks should the minimum everywhere in my opinion cause it gives you more management of your time and people are less stressed when they know that they can take(for example) one week with the kids, one week to stay home and relax and another two weeks to travel. Oh and you have the 5 sick leaves days minimum that we don’t have… which brings the other point.

    医疗保健:是的。我知道,我知道,我们的GPS是免费的,但......但......。你可以等待吓坏8小时看病的诊所15分钟车会合。由于大多数雇主不给生病的日子里,你要对你的10天假期。如果没有,你只是失去了对你的付出8个小时。除非你死在医院直接去急诊可以是一个非常漫长的等待也看医生(有时8-10小时,这取决于)。我知道这是因为在我开始工作作为视频编辑,我是一个看护者这样啊...不是伟大的有免费医疗的国家。我的意思是它的真棒肯定的,但我们从有,质量明智其他国家还很远。I’ve seen one doctor in Auckland, paid 17$(that’s NOTHING…that’s like two beers at a bar haha), waited 15 mins, saw the doctor for another 15 mins, took my medecine(which was 5$…it’s crazy cheap..I didn’t have any insurance..I was just on my work visa…here it’s reimbursed at 68% + a franchise you have to pay before..so for a big cold medecine, it could cost 35$-45$ after waiting 8 hours and maybe lost a day of work..(see what I mean?) and left back to work.


    Rent : I know it’s more expensive, but since salaries are better, at least you can rent a house with a backyard, a view, etc. Here we live most of time in apartments(I’m lucky though because mine is great for the price) all stuck together that can be pricey for the size with no soundproofing, etc. With the exact salary in NZ, I was able to afford something a I wouldn’t be able to do here. The ONLY thing though : PLEASE INSULATE MORE YOUR HOUSES haha I had to get used to it haha




  43. Anonymous


  44. Mitja

    Hi guys,

    When I was in NZ, there was few working hostel, which provide you a work if you stay there. And there is very easy to get a job, as long as you dont mind to work for a minimum wage and trying to have a fun even with shitty jobs



  45. Cat

    This article bothers me. If you were coming to Canada to explore more of the US, while choosing to live in the most expensive city in the country, you were setting yourself up for a bad time.

  46. 保持中立

    Interesting read, also everyone’s comments are in most cases pretty insightful.


    I’m now in a weird place where i feel like i want to push through as I don’t want to be defeated and also have no strong desire to return home, but also i don’t want to over invest in this if its not working as i’m already about 5k down in rent, food, transport etc. I guess my worry would be that I stay another couple of months and without finding work having a pretty crappy time and just accrue more loss without being able to truely enjoy my stay.




    Any advice?!

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